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Welcome to the Literary Page!!!!

This page has been designed keeping in mind the "Intellectual"  JNMC-ite who has new ideas springing up in his mind every minute!!!.If U feel that u have that hidden talent of writing that is yet to be explored!!!,then why not LET it show.Mail ur stories QuIcK.

Currently this page contains matter collected from all over the web.In order to make this page more "engrossing" please mail ur original(**original may be omited**) stories,poems etc to

These are the sub-sections of the literary section :-

Short stories
  • Hotline! by James Zachary
  • Hotline! 2 by James Zachary
  • Hotline! 3 by James Zachary
  • The Game by Suki
  • Picture Perfect by Roberta Belinda
  • A Collection of true real life incidence by Paul Harvey
  • Valentine-DAY BLUES by B. A. Nilsson
  • Gloves - A very FUNNY extract!!!
  • The three wishes - Classic learn-a-lesson story

  • Long Lost Fables
  • The fable of the Ox and the Frog
  • The fable of Amin and the Eggs
  • The fable of Ali and the Sultan's Saddle
  • The Hare and the porcupine
  • The fable of the Ox and the Frog
  • The Red Dragon
  • The Shrewd Farmer

  • Poetry
  • A Collection Of Poems by Gay Bost
  • Through My eyes By Catherine
  • A Peace Song by Cindy
  • Quotes By Various Poets
  • A Collection By David Fox

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