College Life
Articles on the life of a medico.A MUST SEE!!!.These articles have been written by none other than medical students themselves.Go thru them and they will make u realise wat medical life is all about.

  • Student log of daily activities in college:-"In the past seven days, I have successfully completed 40 hours of sleep,including the 12 hrs. on Sunday. Well, today’s another day...."

  • Loves me,Loves me not!!:-"And then, it was college time. College was meant to be for socializing and breaking out, hence Saurabh decided to dedicate himself solely to finding love...."

  • A Tribute to the Medical Student:-"Few agonies and ecstasies of life compare with the rich variety and depth of experience, the pain and the peril shared by medical students...."

  • Poem -The Three Year oild itch:-"This insipid effort as an amateur poet is a feeble attempt to encapsulate the dilemma faced by a 3rd year MBBS student, who can't make up his mind...."

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