This is a decent effort to describe the JNMC-ite.The average JNMC-ite is by no means average.He has the charisma to have half the world staring at him and wondering about his whereabouts.

Mentioned below is a detailed account of the JNMC-ite under various headings.Note :- this classification is limited to the male sex.I have already spent 2yrs in the college and have not yet been able to figure out "head or tail" of the fairer sex.


Note:-The classification is a very exhaustive one ,but anyways no guy can happen to categorize him in any single category.But then there are genetic variants.If bacterias have it in em then why cant we.for example if a guy belongs to category 3 & 5.He is "genetic variant 3-5".

1. The Go happy / Look 'i have' a girl JNMC-ite

This is the kind of guy who turns "the crowd" red with envy.He can be seen in and around the college hand in hand with his girl.The pair can be seen From "8 to 8" in almost every expected place in the college(canteen terrace,barren stairways,love bank etc etc).He usually has nothing to care about except for his studies and his girl.

2. The "girl pet " JNMC-ite

He is the kinda guy who loves being tossed around by girls(pancake) .Almost every girl has her "own list of chores" for him.Every day awaits a new surprise for him.But hey stop!!!! this guy has expectations.He can be seen bragging about 'his list of innumerable crushes' to his friends.And girls beware these guys can have the most dangerous of things in their minds,which are reveaLED on "some or other unearthly hour" to their close friends.He spends him tenure at JNMC with loads of expectations but ends up in mere frustration except for a 'lucky few'.

3. The "ADVISOR" JNMC-ite

He is the kinda guy who thinks he knows what the world is all about.He can be seen giving his valuable advice to new guys in the game,although he knows that he himself is a "good 4 nuthing crap can".Come on guys !!! if he had accquired the 'tricks of the trade' he would have fancied a girl for himself aint it???!!.He lands up many decent guys in TROUBLE!!!!.

4. The "MAST" / "I dont care" JNMC-ite.

He is the fun loving /book shunning guy,who knows that he can't land up in heaven with his good(irony!!) deeds.He thus happens to be enjoying the most out of his college life.He uses pieces of paper for notebooks. And sit in the last available bench."No girls No shit" happens to be his philosophy of life.His language knows no boundaries. He doesn't care what people think about his looks - and will even give neatly dressed people strange looks.He can waste time for hours at a stretch talking on insane topics.He occasionaly lands up in TrOuBlE but he has an army of friends to lean on.

5. The "FRUSTO" JNMC-ite.

He no more feels that he is part of this world.He is most prone to Respiratory tract disorders,owing to his habit of puffing out his frustration in cigarrete smoke.WHY DID THAT DAMN GIRL REJECT HIM??:-No one happens to know the answer to this puzzle.Sometimes it so happens that never ever happens to gather the courage to propose the girl He hears the sentiest of ghazals/ballads.He lives in a world of his own,thinking day and night about the his 'hoor'.


New visitors to Hostels at JNMC Aligarh are often confused by the language. It's almost like they're in a different country. Slangs usually don't last very long - they keep getting replaced by newer ones. They're real useful if you don't want the outsiders to understand your insults.the majority of em are too 'u know what' to be included here. Could also be useful if you're stranded in an island of JNMC-ites and want to make peace with their leader. Hey, you never know.
Wait folks :- There is more to come.

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