Welcome to the "Student Corner"

This page has been designed inorder to familiarize the visitors with the college life in JNMC.People from other faculties may still be wondering what the life of a medico is like.Some parts of this page may be offending to certain people,so please read the disclaimer first!!!

These are the sub-sections of the Student Corner :-

  • The JNMC-ite:- A detailed insight into the life of the JNMC-ite,featuring a detailed classification of his phenotypic and genotypic characters!!!

  • LoVe BoArD:- LOve BOArd :- A message board where u can post ur crush.Let ur dil go dhak-dhak!!!!.If u don't have 1 then peek in,who knows someone might be having 1 on u!!!

  • College Life:- Articles on the life of a medico.A MUST SEE!!!.These articles have been written by none other than medical students themselves.Go thru them and they will make u realise wat medikal life is all about.

  • EYE TEST:- Welcome to online eye test!!!Check this one out,gets ur eyes checked in seconds,and all this is for FREE!!!!.

  • The Joke of the DAy:- Feeling Bored.Check out the Joke of the Day!!!.This one changes everyday.

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