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This site has been designed specially for all the students of JN medical college Aligarh in order to provide as a medium of interaction in this net-savvy age.
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The MAIN OBJECTIVES of this site are :-

  • To act as a forum where the students can exchange their views and ideas via the message boardWrite Messages

  • To provide relaxationGallery of jokes,comics,fotos etc from the tedious workload of medical studies

  • To let the WORLD know more about our college and university.

  • To fulfill the cookeryYUMMY RECIPES!! needs of the "often" hungry hostelites.

  • To provide latest newz & happeningsNEWZ u CAn UZE from in and around the college.

  • To let the visitors of this site view a marvellous collection of AMU fotoz in thisPhoto Gallery (NEW!!) maintained by Shahid Hashmi.

  • To provide The Intellectualliterary stuff(stories,poems etc)to the intellectual JNMC-ite.

  • To provide users with Linkz to various other useful sites.

  • Note:-
    This web site was not created in order to hurt anybody's feelings or sentiments.No part of this website is directed towards any person,religion or sect whatsoever.

    The author should not be in any case held responsible for ANY "emotional malfunction" caused by this website.

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